Tiger's Claw Slots

Slots machines have been around for a really long time. They're actually even older than innovations like the radio, in fact. You may think that when it comes to slots, you've seen it all. But you haven't seen Tiger's Claw Slots. This game has a different sort of look and a super cool sort of theme, not to mention some really big payouts.

A New Look

Thanks to the rise of digital casinos and online gaming of all kinds, slots have changed and evolved. Slot games are now capable of much more and Tiger's Claw Slots is the proof. This game has a different sort of look, with a background of soft, muted tones of violet and indigo. You will see snowy mountains at twilight. On top is the game board itself, where you will play to win big payouts.

A Different Design

Tiger's Claw is a slots game but it has its own look to it, something you don't often see with slots games. There are five reels overall but in a different pattern. These reels are not lined up and perfectly matched. They have varying numbers of rows from three to five. The symbols themselves are interesting and eye-catching. You will see stylized face masks and warriors from ancient times, along with some of the weapons they used in their epic battles. You will also see cool animals, like golden eagles and white tigers. You'll also see glittering gemstones and golden figurines, all kinds of cool treasures.

How to Play to Win

This game has different bet levels, which makes things easy for you. Bet on level one to wager only $0.50. Increase the bet to the max at level 5 and you'll be wagering $250.00. That's a lot of money but when you have 720 pay lines, you have a lot of chances of getting a nice, big payout. All the winning combinations will keep you hooked and keep you playing.

Extra Options

You know how it is when you hit a lucky streak? You can just feel the good fortune bubbling in your blood? Well, when that happens you can choose the double-up option. This is a little mini-game where you always have a 50-50 chance to win. You can keep on betting your money or collect your winnings any time. How far can you push it? How many times can you guess correctly? There's a whole second game hidden inside this slots game, which is another super cool feature you'd never find in one of those slot machine games from the past.

Where to Play Tiger's Claw Slots

Tiger's Claw Slots is a modern slots game with its own design and its own vibe. This slots game is definitely doing its own thing and it's got a mini-game inside of it, too. Enjoy all the levels and layers of this game by looking for it at online casinos. You will find this game at many different casinos that carry digital games of any kind.