Woodlanders Slots

In today's techie world, everything is fast, everything is easy, everything is possible. It's easy to forget that there is a secret world out there, a world of magic and mystery. Dive into that world with Woodlanders Slots. This game has a truly enchanted look and it reminds you that in life, there is a little magic left out there. You will know that's true as soon as you hit a bit jackpot and hear the sweet sound of money being added to your account. What's more magical than getting a lot of money easily?

The Magical World of Woodlanders

In this game, the woodlanders are the magical fae folk who inhabit an enchanted forest. You will go into the forest, where the trees have personality and there are magical sparkles dancing through the air. A magical woodland creature will greet you when you arrive, daring you with a smug smile to find the many treasures and riches that are hidden within this magical realm. Do ou dare find those teaures the collet them?

Designing a Magical World

After you enter the enchanted forest, you will find the game board where you will possibly make your next fortune. You will notice that this game doesn't quite look like other slots games. The reels have a unique pattern that is made up of five reels. The center reels have four rows, while the two outside reels have three.

Getting the Magical Treasure

On the reels, you will see symbols associated with an enchanted forest. Magical faw folk are here, along with pretty forest flowers and plants, acorns and golden symbols that bring you bonuses and bigger payouts when you find them. As you spin the reels, you will see bright, vibrant colors. This game is beautiful enough to stare at but you will be more interested in the beautiful payouts you can find when you match the symbols.

What It Takes to Win

There are 50 pay lines on this enchanted-looking game board, which is a whole lot of different ways to match symbols. But this game makes it even easier for you to win courtesy of multipliers, wild symbols and free spins where you don't even have to risk anything in order to win. Place a bet anywhere from $0.25 to $100. Bet the max and you will get the biggest possible payout.

Looking for Woodlanders Slots

Are you ready to go into an enchanted forest and look for fae treasure? Visit these magical creatures from Woodlanders Slots at digital casinos that carry slot-style games.