Kensei Blades Slots

Tales of ancient Japanese warriors have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Everyone has heard of these legendary fighters and their amazing weapons. In fact, Japanese swords and swordmakers have been famous throughout the world all throughout history. That culture is celebrated in a fun, vibrant way in Kensei Blades.

Ancient Hero

This game honors not just Japanese history but also Japanese animation styles. You will recognize the bright, vibrant colors shades and the particular style of the two main characters as being clearly Japanese in style. There are two warriors in the background of the game, each holding stylish weapons and dressed in fierce outfits. An amazing blue sky fills up the background.

Modern Game

Though the design honors Japanese culture and heroes of days gone by, the design and gameplay of these slots is very modern. There are five reels of varying lengths. Instead of traditional columns that go straight across, this game has differentiation in columns so they are of different lengths. Either way, the objective is to line up matching symbols so you can score a win.

The Symbols

On the reels, you will see the bright symbols, which all have familiar shapes. Hearts, stars, suns and a collection of fearsome weapons fill up the reels. You will also see wild symbols, which make it easier for you to get to a win. Start out betting a $1 minimum or go up to $50. The more you bet, the more you're going to win when you hit matching symbols.

How to Win

The unusual design of this game doesn't make it more difficult to win. In fact, there are 720 pay lines. That's 720 ways to line up the symbols so you win. You can win up to 96 free spins at a time. That's a whole lot of gambling for free. And when you win, if everything lines up, you can win as much as 3,414 times your original bet. That's a lot of winning and that's enough reason to give this game a try.

Playing Kensei Blades Slots

Ready to play this beautiful slots game that combines ancient culture and tradition with modern design? Look for Kensei Blades Slots at any online casino that has slot games. Let the bright colors and flashing swords guide you to a big win. You will find this game at many different online casinos and you will find lots of reasons to play this game over and over.