Wild Drops Slots

Slots are a popular game all over the world but the truth is, slots are kind of old. This game has been around for over a hundred years. Slots haven't changed all that much. At least, not until right now. Get a good look at Wild Drops Slots and you will love this combination of classic slots-style gambling combing with cool, sleek modern gaming.

Designing a More Modern Slots Game

Wild Drops Slots gives you the best of classic gambling and modern gameplay in a way that looks very fresh and very fun. While this game plays and pays like a traditional slots game, it looks like a fresh, hip digital game. The game board and the design are totally modern but the payouts? Those are all classic gambling, baby.

The background of the game itself is classic enough. Wild Drops Slots takes you deep into a mine where gorgeous and glittering gems are being harvested for gain and profit. You will see them sparkling against the bluish gloom of the dark cave, treasures practically calling out to you to take them. Learn to play this game well and you will!

Hunting for Treasure

The game board is full of glittering gems in eye-catching shades of diamond white, emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, topaz orange and canary yellow. There are five reels and eight rows where these captivating gems appear. And your goal is to line them up in the right way to get a big payout.

What You Need to Know to Win

There are 16 pay lines for you to work with to create winning combinations across the five reels. You control the bet you place, which can be anywhere from $0.10 per spin to $20 per spin. The gameplay is fast and thrilling, like modern digital games.

Creating Your Strategy

When you take a winning combination, those gems will disappear from the game board and the other gems will drop down, which means you could make even more winning combinations on the same spin. This is where the gameplay becomes a lot more like modern digital tames, which just gives you even more chances to win. Another thing to look out for is the bonus symbols. You will collect them automatically, storing them up in a special bar to the right of the game board. Collect enough of these symbols to trigger the free spins bonus round.

Finding Wild Drops Slots

When you're ready to hunt for glittering gems and add big totals to your gambling account, seek out Wild Drops Slots at online casinos of all kinds. Casinos that offer slots games, casinos that offer modern gambling games and casinos that offer the newest and trendiest games will certainly carry WIld Drops Slots. This may be what the future of slot games looks like. Start practicing your strategy now and you will be ready for even more slots games of the future like this one.