Charms and Treasures Slots

Have you ever carried a rabbit's foot or hung up a horseshoe? Have you ever kept a four-leaf clover that you found, or maybe carried a lucky penny with you? Most people have hung onto a lucky charm at one point or another. Charms and Treasures Slots is all about those little lucky symbols everyone has seen before. Maybe they will lead you to a big treasure that you get to keep.

Classic Design

The game board of this slots game is a beautiful rainbow that is at its end. There is a pot of gold here and hopefully, you will get to be the person to claim it. You will also see a gorgeous green landscape with swaying trees in the background. Pay close attention to the pot of god. When you win, a leprechaun will come out of the pot and may even toss some old coins in your direction. It's a fun little animation and this game is actually full of little extras like this.

Your Lucky Symbols

On the reels, you will see all sorts of lucky symbols. There are four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, the lucky number 7, pots of gold, cherries and many more familiar symbols. All the colors are bright and vibrant and bold.

The Little Extras

The game board is black where the reels are spinning, so the symbols and vibrant colors stand out beautifully. This makes it easier for you to see all the beautifully rendered graphic symbols, along with images like lucky leprechauns, which serve as scatter symbols to help you win even more money. Bet as low as $0.25 all the way up to $200 on each spin of the reels.

Finding Your Luck

The goal of slots is to line up matching symbols along the pay lines. You have five reels and three rows to use for matching symbols to appear, which means there are many different pay lines where it's possible for you to match up symbols and get a win. Hit a rainbow wild symbol and you can increase your winnings even more.

When you do get matching symbols, they will become animated on the game goar so you know you've won. The advantage of digital slots is that extra like this can be added and this adds a whole new element of fun to the game of slots.

Playing Charms and Treasures Slots

Look for Charms and Treasures Slots anywhere you can find digital online gaming. Online casinos will carry this slots game so you can find your own lucky charms and line up matching symbols to get a win. Just look for the bright colors, the dancing animations and all the familiar lucky symbols you have come to know. Soon you may just be getting coins out of that pot of gold at the end of the leprechaun's rainbow.