Primal Wilderness Slots

You don't need horror movies or roller coasters or ghost stories to get frightened. The scariest thing you can face is the wilderness itself. Trying to survive the outside world is all the thrill you could possibly need and all the fear you could ever want to feel. But there is something thrilling about the movies and the T shows that pit people against the awesome powers of nature, seeing who will win. Humans once learned how to survive even in the harshest conditions and won their place at the top of the food chain. You can celebrate this primal fighting spirit with Primar Wilderness Slots, a game dedicated to helping you triumph over all the scary things in nature.

Into the Woods

This pretty game is designed with a gorgeous color scheme that is rich in shades of green, of course, along with some bright pops of orange and blue. You will see sunlit trees and plants in the background of the game, which itself is full of life and color and beautiful imagery.

Spinning Your Reels

This slots game has five reels that will spin around and around, landing to reveal symbols on three different rows. When those symbols line up, you wi. Even when you aren't winning, you will likely enjoy the symbols you see here. This game has a very enjoyable design You will see many exotic animals when you play, including bears, tree frogs, exotic birds, amazing butterflies and more.

Hunting for a Win

There are 1,024 pay lines available on the game board, which is a whole lot of different ways for you to make money. You'll get the most from the bear symbol. The bear is truly the king of the forest, so that makes sense. Meanwhile, you can win up to 3,310 times your original bet. That's a really huge win. And aren't huge wins the reason you're gambling in the first place?

Free Spins

You can get free spins when the honey wild symbol appears. This means you can actually gamble for free, since the spins are free. If you get three more scatter symbols, you will trigger a fun bonus round where you can rack up a really big win and get free spins and more money for your playing account.

Searching for Primal Wilderness Slots

Are you ready to unleash your wild side and take on all the wonders and dangers of nature? Find Primal Wilderness Slots a online casinos that offer slots games. This popular title is available at many, many different casinos, so it won't be hard to find. Go take a walk on the wild side of online gaming.