Book of Helios Slots

Helios was one of the most important gods in the ancient world. In fact, Helios was the god depicted in the mighty Colossus of Rhodes, the incredible gigantic statute that stood at the harbor of the city and intimidated all who dared to draw near. Helios was a sun god and in the Book of Helios Slots, all his powers are unleashed.

Ancient Days

Venture into an ancient Greek temple to play this slots game. You will see the statues and ornate carvings associated with the ancient Greeks. But the Greeks weren't just about being tough. They were also artists and thinkers and scholars. So you are challenged to venture into their realm and search for the symbols that interest the god Helios the most. Do it and you could win some gold of your own.

The Design

You will see many shades of gray in this game. That's because the caverns and statutes created by the Greeks were made with stone. But gods and goddesses from Mount Olympus, they were colorful and beautiful and Helios is no different. You will see shining golden bows and arrows, an explorer's whip and many other recognizable symbols and letters when you play this game. You're hoping to see a lot of symbols line up at once. Do this and you're winning the game...which probably means the gods of Olympus are on your side.

Winning with the Power of the Gods

There are 10 pay lines, which gives you many different ways to line up symbols to get a win. You will also see wild symbols, scatters and free spins that give you even more chances to win big. The more you see of a certain symbol, the bigger your payout will be. Payouts begin when you line up only two of these special symbols. Line up five of them and you will really see some big payouts.

The Book of Helios

There is one more artifact you should seek out while you are spinning the reels of this game: the Book of Helios. This is what will trigger the bonus round, which can help you win even more big money. The Book of Helios is one of many Greek-themed slot machine games that will draw you into an ancient world of riches and excitement. Celebrate that culture with this fun slots game that can lead you to some really big wins.

Seeking Out Book of Helios Slots Online

Are you ready to see if you are blessed or cursed by the god Helos? See if the sun god will shine the light of good luck on you by seeking out the Book of Lehios Slots online at digital casinos. Any casino that carries ancient Greek-style slot games is bound to have this title in its collection. Say a prayer to Helios spin the reels and see what happens next.