Jackpot Jamba Slots

Gambling is supposed to be a lot of fun. Sometimes, you might forget that when you're stressing out about trying to get that big payout. Jackpot Jamba Slots is bringing the fun back to slots. The spinning reels are full of bright colors and beautiful graphic images. And the payouts are big and they happen often, so you can focus on having fun and not on feeling stressed.

Party Time

This slots game has a fun, party-centric theme that's easy to notice right away. It's bright and vivid and full of images that are meant to lighten the heart. The background is a bunch of curled ribbons. The gameboard has five reels that are full of party-ready symbols. You will see balloons, party hats, martini glasses, gift boxes and the classic images associated with traditional slots games. That means little fruits like cherries and, of course, the lucky number 7.

The Little Extras

The number and the graphics further create the fun, party theme that makes this game so lively. The music has a slightly jazzy feeling to it and at all times, a little dancing logo adds movement and life to the screen. Everything is fun to look at. But when you start to play this game is when the real fun actually begins.

How to Play Jackpot Jamba Slots

Jackpot Jamba Slots has a wild card, which makes it a lot easier for you to get a win. There are no scatters or multipliers on this slots game, but there is a bonus round. If you get five party 7s lined up on one of the nine pay lines, you will trigger the bonus round and trigger lots more ways to win.

Big Money

What really makes gambling fun? Winning of course. That's why this slots game also has a progressive jackpot. The more time you spend playing, the bigger that jackpot will get. It will grow and grow the whole time you play and at any moment, you might end up hitting the jackpot and get a huge payout.

Finding Your Fun

Ready to start playing this game and start having some real fun with gambling? Look for Jackpot Jamba Slots online at any digital casino. Online casinos that have slots games will carry this fun title. Just look for the bright colors and let fun lead the way.