Hearts Desire Slots

What do you daydream about? Having a whole lot of money? Maybe even money to buy things like diamonds and sweet treats? Do you like the look of classic Las Vegas games? All of these elements come together in Hearts Desire Slots. This game is full of the symbols you associate with classic Vegas and it has huge, huge jackpots just waiting for someone to win big. IF winning a whole lot of money is your hearts desire, this is the game you should be playing.

Designing a Classic

Heart Desire Slots has the look of a classic slots game but it is totally optimized and stylized for the digital gaming world. The background of the game is a bright pink-purple combination where bubbles of floating hearts slowly drift by. Keep watching and every once in a while, you will see sparkling stars appear on the screen. The game board itself is bright and vibrant and it's full of symbols you associate with slot games from the heyday of Las Vegas casinos.

Matching the Symbols

This game has five reels and three rows where all the symbols appear. You will see glittering diamonds and familiar fruits, including the cherries, the star of the slot machine. You'll also see the lucky number 7 and wild symbols that make it easier for you to win. Bet anywhere from $0.30 to $120 per spin.

Winning Your Hearts Desire

There are many pay lines on the game board and even wild symbols that help you get to a win a little easier. But there are also four different jackpots that are just waiting for you to hit them. The jackpots are progressive. They will get bigger and bigger the more you play.

There are four possible jackpots to win: the mini, minor, major and mega. The mini jackpot starts at $10,000. That's where it starts and it only gets bigger from there. If you hit the biggest jackpot, the mega, you will win over $75,000. That's an absolutely huge win that could change your life.

A Theme to Remember

The theme of this slots game is romance. That's why the hearts dance across the screen and if you play with sound, you will notice the various noises and effects. There are animations to keep the game feeling lively and to keep you engaged.

Playing Hearts Desire Slots

Go in search of a potentially huge jackpot and find Heart Desire Slots at online casinos. Many digital casinos carry this game because it's a popular title among online gamblers. Look for casinos that have a big selection of slots and you won't have to look for too long before you find your heart's desire.