Wilds of Fortune Slots

Wilds of Fortune Slots

If you were asked to describe classic Las Vegas, you could probably do it pretty easily. You would probably mention the neon lights, the huge casinos. You would almost definitely mention the slot machines. Since they were invented during the reign of Quen Victoria, slot machines have been a staple of casinos. Even digital casinos have tons of slot machine games for players to enjoy. Wilds of Fortune Slots have that classic Las Vegas look that will instantly transform you into the casino environment.

Classic Design

Many slot games at digital casinos today are extremely modern and sleek, with lots of flashing graphics and animations and designs that just would not have been possible just a few years ago. Slot machine games no longer have to look like slot machine games, not when everything can be digital. Well, this slots game has a truly classic look. The background looks like a casino room floor. You are sitting front and center at a classic slot machine with a pull lever and all that.

The Reels on the Board Go Around and Around

There are five reels and three rows on the game board. You don't have to pull a lever to make the reels spin but once you press the button, you will see many classic symbols whizzing by you on this digital slot machine. You will see little golden bells, that classic slot machine "bar" symbol and common fruits, including cherries and bunches of grapes. You'll also see the lucky number 7, a number that has long been associated with good fortune and wealth. It's been often featured on slot machine games all over the world.

Play to Get Paid

You will also find diamond symbols while you're playing this game. That's the wild symbol and when you hit it, you get bigger rewards and it's easier to get that winning payout. This is when the game gives you some modern graphics and animations, some of those elements that jump right off the screen. That's because with this game, you get all the traditional and classic stuff you like, but you can save some of those digital elements that are so popular with online slots games these days.

How to Play

You don't have to spend a lot of money to play. Bet the minimum of $0.20 when you're not feeling like you're the luckiest. You can bet as much as $10 on each spin of the slots to get the biggest payout possible. This game has some pretty big payouts.

Playing Wilds of Fortune Slots

Ready to find your fortune? Look for Wilds of Orrtuntes Slots at any digital casino. The classic look of this game has made it highly popular with online games, so you can find it in many different digital casinos that carry slot machines.