Winds of Wealth Slots

The beauty of Japanese art and design has traveled around the world and it has been displayed throughout history. The beautiful cherry blossoms, the amazing silk clothing, the ornate decorations, all of this is captured in beautiful detail in Winds of Wealth Clots. Do you feel the wind of wealth blowing in your favor? This is a beautiful and engaging slots game with lots of ways to win.


The beauty of Japanese design is captured in the background of this game. You will twisting pink cherry blossom trees in the background. Colorful leaves drift by every once in a while. It sets the perfect tone for the game board, which is full of shades of pink and red in a classic slots game design. Classic design, classic gameplay, Winds of Wealth sets the stage for a fun gambling experience. How much money you can win is the really exciting part.

On the Game Board

This slots game has five reels and four rows where you can line up the symbols to make matches. You will see classic images from Japanese art. Pretty gold and pink fans, beautifully painted objects, familiar letters and numbers and pretty Geisha girls fill up the screen. Bold shades of red and softer shades of pink give this game a beautiful overall look.

Playing to Win

When you play the game, bet from $0.30 to $195.00. The more you bet, the bigger your payouts will be when you win. Wild symbols make it even easier to win and help you get to bigger payouts. The game automatically keeps track of how much each spin wins you. Sometimes, you'll e awarded free spins. That means you can make money without risking any!

Getting Wealthy

Being wealthy can be about hard work, or sometimes coming up with a great idea. But sometimes, it's about getting really lucky. Are you the type of person who gets lucky? The great thing about luck is that it can happen for anyone. It's possible for anyone to luck out, and that's exactly why you gamble. The Winds of Wealth makes it possible for anyone to luck out. And who knows? You might just get that fortune you want.

Finding Winds of Wealth Slots

Look for Winds of Wealth Slots at online casinos. Many online casinos that offer digital slots games will carry this title. Look for the cherry blossoms and you'll know you've found it. See if the winds of wealth end up blowing your way.