Hidden Loot Slots

A long time ago, pirates used to sail the high seas looking for treasure. They found remote islands and jungle locations and buried their loot so no one could find it. Wouldn't it be cool to find hidden treasure? You can get a lot of money without going into the jungle or find some island in order to get your hands on it. PlayHidden Loot Slots to get your hands on treasure without all the trouble of treasure hunting.

Pirate Treasure

Hidden Loot Slots has a fun, whimsical look to it and a classic game board that is a lot like the traditional slot games you can find in uge casino cities around the world. There's a fun background where you can see a pirate standing on the beach with a shovel.

Playing for Loot

The game board itself is simple: three columns and three rows. Below the spinning reels, the pirate theme continues with little barrels where your various options are displayed. On the game board, you will find classic pirate imagery like a skull with crossed swords, glittering gemstones and lots more fun, brightly-colored graphics. You'll see lots of shades of ruby red and bold daffodil yellow. There are three play lines because this is a simple, uncomplicated game. But there's also a little more to it than meets the eye.

The Little Extras

When you find a pirate treasure, you hope to maybe find something especially cool, right? Well, this game has something especially cool to offer you. First of all, there are wild symbols. When these appear, it's much easier for you to win. There's also a special bonus round where you will actually go on a treasure hunt. Over three different stages, you will work your way through a maze to collect jewels.

All Aboard

Get swept up in the charm and fun look. The gameplay is fast but simple. Bet $0.02 up to $0.50 per spin. As you play, you might find the Scatter Symbol. This is how you find the Hidden Loot logo, which will unlock some serious cash bonuses.

Start Playing Hidden Loot Slots

When you're ready to go looking for pirate treasure and play this classic slots game, look for Hidden Loot Slots online at digital casinos. Lots of online casinos that have slots games carry this fun, whimsical addition to the world of digital gaming. Go on a hunt to find this slots game and soon, you'll be hunting for pirate treasure that is yours to keep.