Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots

The first thing you will notice about Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots is that there is a story here. You will see Mr. Vegas himself front and center. He's in the forefront of the game board giving you a big grin and wearing a white button-down shirt. The story of how he got here and what role you will play is something you will learn as you play this fun slots game.

The Big Money Tower

The tower itself is a glorious golden building that is bright and glittering. Mr. Vegas is a regular vacationer who has come to the big money tower to gamble and have a good time. Sound familiar? Help Mr. Vegas on his journey as he plays to win for riches and rewards.

Designing a Fun Game

This slot game has five reels and four rows. This is where you will line up the symbols and get a win for yourself and for Mr. Vegas. The reels themselves are full of symbols associated with Las Vegas and with Mr. Money's story through the city as he gambles and has fun. You will see playing cards from the entire deck, huge glittering diamonds, gaming chips like the kind you will find at any casino, a pair of dice, the lucky number 7 and of course, beautiful women. If you're lucky, you will also see scatter symbols that help you get an even bigger win.

How to Play

Bet from $0.30 to as much as $150 on every spin of the reels. You never know how the reels will land so you have a chance to win every single time. There are various scatter symbols that make it easier for you to win. When you make a combination, the animations will show you exactly how much you've won.

A Mr Vegas Vacation

Will Mr. Veas end up being down on his luck and out of money or will you both hit it big? He's sort of in on it with you and as you play you can decide which one of the beautiful women he will try to woo. Or maybe they'll just all be friends. It's your world, so you can imagine it the way you want.

Where to Find Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots

Find out what will happen with Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower Slots and his vacation trip by looking for this slots game at digital casinos. Online casinos that have slots games may also have this title. Play all the games in the series to see how things shape up for Mr. Vegas, who is becoming a well known character in the digital gaming world. Help him succeed or fail.