Bounding Luck Slots

It's pretty well-known that the U.S. is a pretty young country, compared to some others out there. Long before any permanent structures were built in the U.S., ancient China had already invented fireworks and created a wall so big, you can actually see it from space. China is an ancient place, with thousands of years of wisdom and knowledge. And there are a lot of superstitions and lucky symbols in Chinese culture. In Bounding Luck Slots, you will use these lucky sumbols to win lots of money....well, with luck, anyway.

Lucky Game

Bounding Luck Slos has a pretty, simple design that doesn't have a lot of clutter or movement. The game board looks like an ancient scroll with softly glowing lanterns dangling from each end. Every once in a while, the lanterns gently swing and sway. The background is simple so that all the focus is on the game board itself.

Lucky Symbols

The game board has five reels and four rows where you will see lucky symbols associated with Chinese culture. You will also see pretty paper lanterns, along with familiar letters and numbers. The game board is full of soft colors in pretty shades, hues like jade green, turquoise blue, blazing orange, bright gold and vivid purple. As the reels spin, you will hopefully collect wild symbols and lucky symbols that add up to big wins.

Winning Big

Put down as little as $0.25 on each spin or wager up to $55. Hopefully, all the lucky symbols on the game board will bring good luck to you. The design of the game definitely honors traditional Asian design and artwork styles. The look of this game definitely brings to mind all the mysteries and symbolism of ancient China.

Luck of the Rabbit

The rabbit is the real star of this game. It's considered to be one of the luckiest animals in Chinese culture. The rabbit is part of the Chinese zodiac and it's thought to be highly lucky. With 1,024 pay lines on the board, you have a lot of opportunities to line up the rabbits to get a big win. You can win up to 5,440 of your initial bet, which means you can win a huge jackpot when the reels line up the right way.

Playing Bounding Luck Slots

Where can you find Bounding Luck Slots and find the fortune that's waiting for you? Look for this slots game at online casinos of all types Digital casinos that offer slots games will have this popular title that takes you far into the East.